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Sicilian Recipes

Over the last three thousand or so years Sicily has been continuously occupied for varying periods of time by peoples from many different cultures. Each group subsequently displaced by the armies of the next group. Along with their armies, many of these people brought with them their own plants and livestock. Transplanted in the fertile volcanic soil of Sicily, these imported plants and animals flourished. While in some cases they created unexpected problems, they were usually beneficial and resulted in enriching the Sicilian cuisine.

Sicilian cuisine encompasses the foods that make up the Mediterranean Diet pyramid and includes a rich variety of locally available foods.
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On the following pages you'll find more recipes and a glossary of terms. The one word source for most of the recipes is identified in this list.

Alice's recipes include some that came from Mamma Rosalia as well as some that came from Aunt Tina and from Anna in Caltagirone.
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There are many excellent, creative cooks in our family but Tina is still the best of the best, which proves that you don't have to be Sicilian to be the best.
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