The Sicilian Recipe Glossary

The Sicilian Recipe Glossary
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Baba Ghanouj
An eggplant based salad or dip.
Literally sour-sweet, agru e duci in Sicilian. A sauce combination.
An appetizer on a base of a thin toasted slices of Italian or French bread. Also called crostini.
An eggplant based vegetable relish.
A side dish like peas or other vegetable.
You may have thought otherwise, but couscous is a type of pasta that is made from durum wheat and water and nothing else. In the mediteranean countries it is often homemade, although many are switching to the excellent and convenient commercial varieties that are now available.
One of the quintessential Mediterranean soups.
A dessert drink made by freezing a flavored juice and then blending it when it is served. The most popular flavors are lemon, coffee, and almond.
A salad or dip made from a base of ceci (chick-pea) puree.
Aubergine or eggplant, called mulingiana in Sicilian.
A thick soup made with a large variety of vegetables, usually including greens..
Poaching is the technique of gently boiling an item such as fish. It usually is used for a whole and especially large fish, such as whole salmon or sea bass.
Poisson is the French word for fish. You'll find it used in a variety of recipes such as, Couscous De Poisson, a Moroccan and Tunisian recipe.
Polenta is a dish made with either white or yellow cornmeal. It's a very popular dish in northern Italy, so much so that southern Italians have nicknamed northern Italians polentoni.
a sublime, some would say finicky Northern Italian rice dish made with arborio, a short grain rice.
Stifado is a Greek way of braising or stewing in red wine and red wine vinegar.
An eastern Mediterranean dish made with Bulgar (cracked steamed wheat) combined with chopped mint, parsley, scallion and other herbs with lemon juice, and olive oil.
A torta is a cake, a torta crostata is a tart.

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