Kings of Sicily
Reign    Title Comment
1062-1101    Roger de Hautville Count; (1031-1101) count and ruler of Sicily from 1062
1101-1154    Roger II (1095-1154) Son of Roger de Hauteville. Ruled as count from 1101, as king from 1130
1154-1166    William I ("the Bad") (1120-1166) King of Sicily from 1154
1166-1172    Margaret of Navarre Regency until William Ii became king at age 18
1172-1189    William II ("the Good") (1154-1189) king of Sicily from 1172, died at age 36 without heirs. End of Norman rule.
1190-1194    Tancred illigitimate son of Roger II. Elected king by Sicilian Parliament. Son William III
1194-1197    Henry VI of Swabia crowned Christmas Day in Palermo
1198-1250    Frederick I (1194-1250) Frederick I as king of Sicily, Frederick II as Holy Roman Emperor
1250-1254    Cornrad IV (1228-1254) governed with his half-brother Manfred
1254-1266    Manfred crowned king by Sic Parliament in 1258. Killed by French at Benevento,
1266-1268    Conradin (1252-1268) beheaded by the French at Tagliacozzo (Naples)
1266-1282    Charles of Anjou (Charles I) (1226-1285) The War of the Sicilian Vespers, 31 March 1282
1282-1285    Peter I (1239-1285) Peter III king of Aragon, Peter I king of Sicily
1285-1296    James II (1264-1327) King of Aragon, King of Sicily
1296-1337    Frederick II (1272-1337) king of "Trinacria"
1337-1342    Peter II (1305-1342) Peter IV of Aragon and II of Sicily
1342-1355    Louis
1355-1377    Frederick III "the Simple" (1342-1377) 'u babbu.
1377-1392    Maria of Aragon (1367-1402) queen, of Sicily, daughter of king Frederick III. Four viceroys ruled.
1392-1409    Martin I (1374-1409) Martin the Younger
1409-1410    Martin II (1356-1410)
1410-1416    Ferdinand I of Castile the beginning of the age of Spanish viceroys.
1416-1458    Alphonse V of Aragon (1396-1458)
1458-1479    John II of Aragon
1479-1516    Ferdinand II "the Catholic" (1452-1516) 1492 the year of discovery and expulsion
1516-1556    Carlo II (1500-1558) Charles V as Holy Roman Emperor
1556-1598    Philip II (1527-1598)
1598-1621    Philip III
1621-1665    Philip IV
1665-1700    Charles II
1700-1713    Philip V
1713-1720    Victor Amedeus II of Savoy (1666-1732)
1720-1734    Charles VI of Hapsburg
1734-1759    Charles III of Bourbon (1716-1788)
1759-1816    Ferdinand III Ferdinand IV of Naples and III of Sicily
1816-1830    Francis I (1777-1830) king of the Two Sicilies
1830-1859    Ferdinand IV (1810-1859) "re Bomba" who bombarded Messina and Palermo during the revolution of 1848
1859-1860    Francis II (1836-1894) the last king of the Two Sicilies

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