The Sicilian Language (continued)

A Sicilian tongue twister

A Sicilian tongue twister

Taken from the 2009 edition of the Almanaccu Sicilianu, Pungitopo editrice, Marina di Patti, via Scaletta 2, Italia, 2008, 216p. A large collection of popular Sicilian traditions with a variety of sections that are updated annually.

The sections include proverbs, riddles, famous events, sayings, tongue twisters, short stories, legends, nursery rhymes, recipes, fables, incantations, prayers, poems, lullabies, and folk remedies.

O puzzu di Santa Pazzia
c'era na pazza cun pezzu di pezza;
rriv˛ un pazzu cun pezzu di pizza
e cci dissi a pazza cu ddu pezzu di pezza
sa di dda pizza nni vuleva un pezzu.
A pazza cu pezzu di pezza
rifiuta ddu pezzu di pizza du pazzu;
u pazzu cu pezzu di pizza
s'incazza e cci strazza ddu pezzu di pezza,
po pigghia la pazza cu tutta la pezza
e la jetta nto puzzu di Santa Pazzia,
prutittrici di pezzi, di pizzi e di pazzi.
At the Santa Pazzia well
there was a madwoman with a piece of cloth;
arrived a madman with a piece of pizza
and asked the madwoman with that piece of cloth
if she wanted a piece of the pizza.
The madwoman with the piece of cloth
refused the madman's piece of pizza;
the madman with the piece of pizza
raged and tore her piece of cloth,
then thrw the madwoman and all the cloth
into the well of Santa Pazzia, the protectress
of pieces, pizzas, and pazzis [crazies].
---Literal translation by Arthur V. Dieli

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