Sicilian Poetry


Jacopo Mostacci ( - )

Jacopo Mostaci is believed to have been from Pisa in Tuscany. He was the official falconer in the court of Frederick II. Like many in the court of Frederick II, his talents were multi-faceted. This is a verse from his poem RIME that was quoted by Sucato. I took some liberties with the vocabulary in my english translation of the Sicilian of the 1200s that Mostacci used. I welcome the readers' comments.

Amor ben vejo che mi fa tenere
maniera e costumanza
d'ausciello, c'arditanza -- lascia stare
quando lo verno vede sol venire;
ben mette 'n oblianza
la gioiosa baldanza -- di svernare;
e par che la stagione non li piaccia
chè la freddura inghiaccia.
E poi per primavera
ricovera manera
e suo cantare inova e sua ragione:
ed ogni cosa vuole sua stagione.
(Sucato, 78)
I well see that love makes me hold
to mannerisms and habits
of deportment, with daring -- so be it
when winter sees the sun approach; 
and rightfully puts in abeyance
the joyful boldness -- to hibernate;
and that's why the season is disliked
because; the cold benumbs.
And then for springtime
resumes its form
and its song anew and its purpose:
and everything has its season.
translated by Arthur V. Dieli

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